Hailey Glassman’s Angry Twitter Attack

Hailey Glassman took to the Twitter airways Tuesday to vent her hatred for celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. And Jon Gosselin‘s ex-girlfriend holds nothing back, also name checking Jon’s ex best buddy Michael Lohan for good measure!

Hailey Tweets That She’s “Semi Single”

Hailey couldn’t edit her feelings into 140 characters or less so she posted on Twiterbose which allows for longer tweets.

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She says that since announcing that she was thinking of deleting her Twitter account she has received many emails of support from men and women alike, and that she feels she has been able to help people with her posts.

VIDEO: Hailey Glassman Opens Up About Jon Gosselin

She then goes on to totally rip into Perez Hilton, in an angry tirade, calling him names and venting her anger.

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Hailey says that we should just call Perez “Michael Lohan” and that he’s the “gay version of Michael Lohan”.

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Hailey wraps up by saying she has considered suing Perez in the past, but decided he’s not worth it.

Phew! Tell us how you really feel Hailey!

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