Fox Has Four-Star Hit On Its Hands With MasterChef

Fox is about to bring the tastiest import from across the pond this side of breakfast tea: MasterChef, a smash-hit cooking competition in the U.K. and Australia, that takes average joes with no experience in the food business, and trains them to be the next Wolfgang Puck.

Then there’s the host, the explosive Gordon Ramsay, who is to cooking what Simon Cowell is to evaluating singers: blunt, brutal and the best in the business.

“Gordon Ramsay is the biggest cooking star on television today and one of the most dynamic personalities on Fox, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with him to bring MasterChef to the U.S.,” Fox’s Mike Darnell told

Darnell said the show “searches for people who possess that perfect blend of creativity, innovation and passion for creating great dishes – rather than focusing on running a kitchen – that earns them the title of MasterChef.”

Sounds like an entertaining recipe, indeed.

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