Family Game Night 2 Improves Upon Perfection

Hasbro Family Game Night 2 ensures hours of old school gaming entertainment for the whole family for two different consoles, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, without having to pick up game pieces out of the carpet or the cracks of the couch.

Hosted by (a customizable) Mr. Potato Head, Family Game Night 2 is a collection of video game adaptations of some of America’s most iconic board games, and at $39.99, a great value comparative to the price of the actual board games.

Games featured on the Wii version including Connect 4×4, Operation, Jenga and Bop-It, among others. The Wii version also has a special game show mode that takes the entire family into a TV game show studio, compete with a live audience and challenge wheel.

The portable DS version features games such as Battleship, Operation and Bop-It, all with wireless support for multi-player games.

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