EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gloria Allred To Nadya “Octo Mom” Suleman: “Aren’t 14 Children Enough?”

Attorney Gloria Allred exclusively gave RadarOnline.com her fiery reaction to Nadya Suleman saying she was open to having more children, asking the Octo Mom, “Aren’t 14 children enough?”

Suleman, on Good Morning America Tuesday, said she’d be open to having more children if she “wanted to do it the traditional way and get married — that’s like another chapter.”

RadarOnline.com caught up with Allred in Los Angeles on Tuesday, who openly questioned Suleman’s ability to raise the 14 children she presently has.

“How much attention and involvement does she have with each child right now?” Allred asked. “And how much attention and involvement does she think each child deserves to have from their only parent, their mother? Babies are not props, they are not dolls … they deserve nurturing … and nannies are not a substitute for a parent.

“I would suggest to Nadya that you really need to be spending your time with your 14 children, some of who had special needs,” Allred told RadarOnline.com. “And not worry about having more children.”

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