EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: Anna Trebunskaya Steps In, Donnie Osmond Strips Down

While our adorable Dancing with the Stars blogger Lacey Schwimmer recovers from the flu, our equally irresistible pinch hitter Anna Trebunskaya has stepped into her shoes to help contestant Mark Dacascos survive another week.

PHOTOS: Get To Know Anna Trebunskaya

Mark and her both looking shattered, Anna tells us in an exclusive clip that the pair rehearsed around the clock to come up with convincing moves for their team dance.

The surprise, however, is not how capable the impromptu pair are at learning last minute–fellow contestant Donnie Osmond makes a cameo after getting a spray tan and reveals a pretty impressive physique for a 51-year-old!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: Anna Trebunskaya Tones, Teaches & More!

Osmond shows off a flat, toned, young-looking upper body while breezing through Anna and Marks’ studio space. You can spray us shocked!

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