EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson Hires Top Hollywood Lawyer

Mike Tyson has hired top Hollywood criminal defense attorney Shawn Chapman Holley after his arrest for punching a photographer, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world was arrested Wednesday at LAX and will claim he acted in self defense and was trying to protect his 10-month old daughter from Tony Echevarria,a paparazzi.

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The photog was punched by Tyson at the United Airlines ticket counter. Tyson was handcuffed and taken away by cops; Echevarria was taken to a hospital. Tyson insiders say Echevarria was overly aggressive and struck him, trying to provoke a reaction. The photog claims Tyson simply was angry at questions he was being asked. Both men filed complaints against the other.

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Tyson’s new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley also represents Lindsay Lohan and other high-profile clients. She successfully defended Kanye West‘s manager Don Crawley in an incident at LAX also involving photographers. All charges were dropped against Kanye and Crawley.

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