EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom Snubs Flirty Female Fans At Restaurant

Lamar Odom may be a married man, but that doesn’t mean he has to spend every night at home with his bride Khloe Kardashian. On Monday night, the basketball star stepped out for dinner with the boys at LA’s Phillipe Chow.

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The newest member of the Kardashian clan settled into a back table with his friends to watch sports on tv and relax. But a group of female fans in the restaurant had different plans for the newly married baller.

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A spywitness exclusively tells RadarOnline.com: “They just flounced up to his table and sat right down to flirt. The guys were definitely interested but Lamar was stone cold silent to them, he looked really uncomfortable. I think he might be scared of Khloe because he actually called the manager over and had him escort the girls away from the table. His friends were pissed but he looked relieved.”

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