EXCLUSIVE: Kirstie Alley Getting Reality TV Show

Kirstie Alley is coming back to TV but instead of the scripted comedies that made her famous, this time she’ll be starring in her own reality show, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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The former Cheers star has made more headlines for her weight battle than her acting talent in recent years, but now she’s going to feature her weight-loss struggles on the new show, which will air on the A&E network, RadarOnline.com confirmed.

“The show willl feature Kirstie and her family members,” a source familiar with the project said.

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Shooting starts in November.

Kirstie was a Jenny Craig spokesperson in 2004 and lost 75 pounds by 2006. But she put most – if not all – of the weigh back on, but is still determined to get back in shape.

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Kirstie has even designed her own weight loss system.

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