EXCLUSIVE: Jon’s Gosselin’s Babysitter Pal To Be Deposed

Lawyers for TLC  are seeking court permission to depose Stephanie Santoro in their breach of contract lawsuit against Jon Gosselin.

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Santoro had a brief romantic fling with Jon and worked for a short time babysitting his kids.

She has publicly acknowledged their relationship in recent interviews.

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Santoro joins a list of people who spent significant time with Jon this past summer, which is when TLC alleges he breached his contract.

Also being deposed are Michael Lohan, Kate Major, Jon’s bodyguard, and the Hellers and Jon himself!

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Santoro should make for some bombshell testimony, she has been very vocal about her relationship and dealings with Jon in the past.

In a series of exclusive interviews with RadarOnline.com Santoro revealed some shocking details about Jon including how he hacked into his wife Kate’s phone, on-line bank and email accounts; how he revealed he planned to use the media in any way he could to keep things going and keep the money rolling in; how he claimed his relationship with Hailey Glassman was purely “business” and how he lied in public over his concern for his children’s welfare, claiming in private that they actually in fact “love filming the TV show”.

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Santoro also claims that the single dad of 8 smoked pot and confessed to her that he stole $100,000 from Kate.

Now that should be a testimony worth sitting through!

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