EXCLUSIVE: Court Papers Reveal Advertisers Complained To TLC About Jon Gosselin’s “Erratic Behavior”

Several of TLC’s long-time advertisers complained to the network about Jon Gosselin’s “erratic, widely publicized behavior,” according to court papers obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

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These complaints and Jon’s continuing breach of his contract caused the network to decide to change the show to Kate Plus 8, the papers reveal.

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An affidavit from Edward Sabin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TLC, contains new and damaging charges against Jon Gosselin and his representatives.

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RadarOnline.com obtained the information from the Montgomery County, MD court file in TLC’s breach of contract lawsuit against Jon.

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The affidavit reveals many of the terms of the Gosselins’ contract with the network and details numerous breaches by Jon. And despite Jon’s claims that he didn’t have adequate representation, it states the contract was signed in June, 2008 “after extensive negotiations, during which the Gosselins were represented both by an attorney and their manager.”

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The court file also reveals that CBS has admitted to TLC Jon was paid to appear recently on two of their programs – also a violation of his contract.

As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, Jon will be questioned under oath when TLC’s motion for a preliminary injunction against Jon is heard on December 14.

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RadarOnline.com has now learned that Jon will be questioned by Paul Gaffney, a partner in Williams & Connolly, the Washington, D.C. law firm with a “scorched earth” reputation.

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In h is affidavit Sabin also says that Jon refused to cooperate with TLC’s filming schedule and that on the day the network decided to change the show, Jon’s lawyer demanded release from the exclusivity provision of the contract but still wanted to be paid.

“Mr. Heller informed TLC’s representative that if this release was not forthcoming within an hour, Mr. Gosselin would object in public fashion to any further filming of his children.”

The preliminary injunction sought by TLC would prevent Jon from violating the exclusivity, non-endorsement, confidentiality, and publicity provisions of his contract with TLC.

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