EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Lacey Schwimmer On Leaving DWTS

Lacey Scwhimmer, our super cute and talented Dancing with the Stars blogger, was voted off the show Tuesday evening along with Iron Chef partner Mark Dacascos. Don’t fret, Lacey isn’t going far–here in this exclusive blog, Lacey addresses her flu, the future and her impending couch time with Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters.

OH MAN!!!! Well, Mark and I are out of the hunt for the trophy but let me tell you that I had a great time dancing with Mark! He is one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known and a pleasure to work with… I will miss him a lot, and his family (his kids were adorable!).

VIDEO: Lacey In the Beginning, rehearsing with Dacascos and dining with
Lance Bass and Derek Hough.

We are off to NYC to do The View, I can¹t wait to hang with Whoopi and Barbara!

I haven’t officially talked about being sick with the Flu so I want to go on the record and thank everyone for their support, prayers and happy thoughts. I was a little scared there for a while, I couldn’t even lift my head. Lucky I had DJ there to take good care of me! I’m feeling better now and under doctor supervision.

VIDEO: Lacey suffers pelvic injury, endures physical therapy.

Also thank you to Radar Online for giving me this awesome blog… Don’t worry I’m gonna keep on blogging through the season! I’ll give you my predictions and a little inside scoop. Special thanks to Conrad and the entire team at DWTS (you are my family and I love you all), Ben Russo of EMC BOWERY and DJ, my Mom and Dad for being at every show to cheer me on!

Check back with me VERY soon for all the gossip and trouble Mark and I get into in NYC. Haha.

XOXO Lacey

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