Craving Comfort: Cookumentary Newest Addition To TLC Foodie Slate

With all the uncomfortable moments we’ve seen on TLC the past six months (we’re looking at you Gosselins), the network’s newest show, Craving Comfort, has a relaxing — and scrumptious — theme, as the new cooking-themed series will entertain and educate you, all the while teasing your taste buds.

This is not your everyday cooking show, where a host walks you through how to make such-and-such — rather, the show focuses on the historical aspects of various home-style foods synonymous with American culture (fried chicken, apple pie, etc.), along with a trio of stories to give context to the culinary creations.  

The show will be hosted by award-winning chef/best-selling author/restaurateur Art Smith, a regular caterer for Oprah Winfrey.

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Craving Comfort celebrates the great personal stories behind America’s classic comfort foods. Art Smith’s passion for great food and its ability to bring people together makes him the perfect host for this journey,” TLC’s Nancy Daniels told  

In addition to Craving Comfort, TLC boasts other great cooking shows including Cake Boss, Ultimate Cake Off and the forthcoming BBQ Pitmasters, which debuts December 3.

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