BREAKING NEWS: Jaycee Dugard Lied To Protect Alleged Abductor

Jaycee Dugard initially lied about her identity when authorities finally found and questioned her. According to a new 45-page government report, Jaycee even defended Phillip Garrido, the man who had abducted her 18 years earlier.

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The report states that after Jaycee admitted to knowing Garrido’s past as a sex offender, she added “that Garrido was a changed man and a great person who was good with her kids.”  During that August 26 conversation with parole officers, Jaycee originally called herself Alyssa and maintained that the reason for her lack of communication with officers was due to her fear of an abusive husband she had left behind in Minnesota five years prior. She did say the two girls with her were her daughters but did not admit that Garrido was their father until several more rounds of interviews which resulted in his confession of kidnapping and raping Jaycee.

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After Garrido’s confession: “Alyssa identified herself as Jaycee Dugard and confirmed that she had been kidnapped and raped by Garrido.”

The report also chronicles the numerous failures of Garrido’s parole agents who, over a ten year period, ignored suspicious signs like utility wires running from Garrido’s house to the backyard compound he hid the girls in and ignored the presence of a twelve-year old girl during a home visit. There were other lapses in supervision such as not talking to neighbors or using GPS information.

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