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Book: Tom Cruise Talked To Bottles As Part Of Scientology Ritual

Tom Cruise spent three weeks talking to books, bottles and door knobs while attempting to perform the (Scientology-related) task of auditing an underling, according to a 15-year veteran of the Church of Scientology, author Marc Headley, in his new book, Blown for Good.

Headley, a longtime employee at Scientology’s formerly secret Southern California headquarters, said he witnessed Cruise’s bizarre behavior 19 years ago, as the A-lister was coming off big box office hits such Born On The Fourth Of July, Rain Man and Days Of Thunder.

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Headley said he had worked with Cruise, specifically, in his Upper Indoctrination Training Routines.

Explained Headley, now a former Scientologist: “It’s known as the book-and-bottle routine,” which he said consisted of Cruise telling him to bark commands toward the aforementioned inanimate objects.

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“It was supposed to rehabilitate your ability to control things,” explained Headley. “And to be controlled.”

He said he was appointed for the assignment as Cruise’s apprentice because he was young and inexperienced.

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“It couldn’t be someone who might run off the next day and tell the National Enquirer that Tom Cruise was telling me to talk to a bottle for the last three weeks,” he said.

Blown for Good hits stores Thursday, November 5; it’s also available online on the author’s Web site, www.blownforgood.com