VIDEO: Tearful Hailey Glassman Continues To Open Up, Jon Gosselin Responds

A tearful Hailey Glassman opens up about her troubled relationship with Jon Gosselin as she joins The Insider panel Thursday and Friday night.

Revealing that she believes Jon emotionally abuses her she also goes on to say that she feels she has put “her entire life on hold” for the father of 8, and that she feels she can no longer deal with the constant whispering, pointing fingers and accusations of being a home wrecker from the public.

VIDEO: Hailey Glassman Claims Jon Emotionally Abuses Her

Hailey says that she has told Jon that “If you really loved me, you would let me go” and that “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t take it”. She says that she has put her entire life on hold for him, even turning down her chance to attend college.

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Breaking down further Hailey says that Jon comes to her all the time and cries, begging her to stay, and that she feels he’s like a vampire sucking the life out of her and moving on.

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In a statement released to The Insider Thursday Jon Gosselin responds, saying, “My girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, has paid a significant price to live under such a media microscope. I am grateful for her emotional support and I regret any pain that my actions have caused her as she has selflessly born the pressures I have endured under the media glare. I am committed to making things right with Hailey as well as Kate and especially my children. I ask you to please give me the opportunity to prove myself.”

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