VIDEO: Steve Martin: Co-Worker Sex Spoof Shot Down By Letterman Staffers

Steve Martin, appearing on The View Tuesday, told the ladies of the hit ABC morning program about an 86’ed tension-diffusing icebreaker he had in store for David Letterman Monday when he made an appearance on his show.

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Martin said he had a gag planned where he would tell the Letterman he had relations with someone he worked with as well, at which point longtime comedy colleague Martin Short would come out and cuddle with Steve on Dave’s couch.

“You’re too needy, and that’s why it didn’t work,” Martin told the ladies he would tell Short to cap the gag.

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The bit was declined due to its nature, at which point Letterman himself discussed the incident, with humor at times, before apologizing to his wife.

Martin said there was a nervous energy backstage amongst the Letterman crew in the wake of the extortion scandal, and “rightfully so.”

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He said he only got to talk to Dave with the cameras rolling, and did not in private, but he felt Letterman was handling the sticky situation well.

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