VIDEO: Roman Polanski’s Wife Attacks Paparazzo

Looks like someone needs a timeout!

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Now that her husband, director Roman Polanski, is in jail awaiting sentencing for a decades old tryst with an underage girl, his wife is dealing with the aftermath of his now infamous crime.

Roman Polanski Arrested

On Thursday, Emmanuelle Seigner unleashed on a brave paparazzo—and we mean literally unleashed—attacking the female photographer after she tried to get an interview.

Original Harrowing Testimony Of Polanski Rape Victim

Seigner had just driven up to her Paris apartment on a motorcycle when she was approached by the photog. Carrying her helmet and waving her arms wildly, Seigner punched and wrestled with the unsuspecting paparazzo in the middle of the street, screaming and gesturing in French.

PHOTOS: Polanski Rape Victim Poses For Photo Shoot

Polanski is currently being held in Switzerland.

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