VIDEO: Pot Calling Kettle? Jimmy Kimmel Grills Kristen Cavallari About Boyfriend Stealing

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black: Jimmy Kimmel grilled The Hills star Kristen Cavallari about her reputation for stealing boyfriends the same week revealed that he snagged his current girlfriend Molly McNearney after maneuvering to get her boyfriend out of the picture.

Watch The Video Above As Jimmy Grills Kristen

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Stole Girlfriend From Show Staffer

“Who among us hasn’t stolen a boyfriend here or there,” Kimmel prodded. He later turned the exchange into a joke, pretending his sidekick Guillermo was his boyfriend and who Cavallari might steal next.

PHOTOS: Kimmel And McNearney Sleepover

According to a source close to the situation, Kimmel had been attracted to McNearney for awhile. He and ex Sarah Silverman used to even double date with McNearney and her boyfriend. Kimmel moved the boyfriend, who was also an assistant writer like McNearney, to another show. The move helped make any possible connection McNearney easier for Kimmel to follow-up on.

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The source told “The guy was totally shocked because he had become good friends with Jimmy and had frequented Kimmel’s NFL Sunday parties for his staff and friends at his Los Angeles home.”

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