VIDEO: Melissa Joan Hart – Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered

Poor Sabrina — oops, we mean poor Melissa Joan Hart!

Tuesday night, the actress was voted off Dancing With The Stars. Then, later that evening, she was dissed on Jimmy Kimmel Live when the talk show funnyman asked her if she should have used any of witchcraft to help on DWTS, to which Sabrina (darn it! we mean – Melissa) snapped back: “That joke is like 1996, I think.”

The sublimely sarcastic Kimmel quickly shot back: “Yeah, but, you know what — so are you”.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, on Wednesday morning, when Hart appeared on Good Morning America to talk about being voted off DWTS, interviewer Deborah Roberts accidentally addressed Melissa as Sabrina.

Seems  a witch –even a good one- just can’t get a break around Halloween!

Watch our video of Melissa getting the boot off DWTS, and her spell-binding appearances on both Jimmy Kimmel Live and GMA.

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