VIDEO: Kate Gosselin “I Don’t Want To Be Alone – The Aloneness Is So Alone”

Kate Gosselin sits down with the cameras and answers the questions we are all dying to know.

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In an hour long Jon And Kate Plus 8 special airing Monday night on TLC, the single mom of 8 answers questions submitted by viewers truthfully and fully.

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When asked if she ever sees herself married again, a melancholy Kate says “I really don’t want to be married again – can you blame me? But I don’t want to be alone, the aloneness is so alone.”

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And when asked where she sees herself and the kids in ten years time, Kate confesses that she doesn’t “project anymore”, but that if she had her choice, “Myself and my kids in 10 years will be happy, healthy – I would love my TV career to be successful. I would love to not be alone, but nobody is going to buy into my mess.”

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It’s not all serious reflection though. When asked what Kate thinks of the new “Kate Gosselin wig” that’s doing the rounds for Halloween she says, “I laughed my head off! That is just plain ridiculous. I hear everywhere there’s going to be all these Jon and Kate’s for Halloween.”

Catch the full special Monday on TLC, 9/8 central.

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