VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Misses His Dogs, Still Blames Kate

Jon Gosselin is lonely. No it’s not female companionship he lacks, it’s canine camaraderie.

PHOTOS: Jon Says Goodbye To His Dogs

The ex-reality TV star was spotted walking his friend’s dog, Sasha, Wednesday in Reading Pennsylvania and took time out to talk about how much he misses his own two dogs.

The dad of eight was in a reflective mood and he told photographers that not only does he miss the dogs, so do his children.

And, yes, he still blames Kate!

PHOTOS: Jon Hangs With The Kids broke the story that Jon gave the dogs away because Kate didn’t want to take care of them when it was her turn at the Wernersville, PA home.

(Of course, Jon could have rented a house, instead of an apartment in New York City, and kept the dogs. But let’s not go there. Ok, you can go there in the comments section.)

Jon said he doesn’t think the dogs will be coming back as Kate has gotten rid of their dog bowls and all their stuff.

Jon complains that it’s like getting rid of family members and that he’s old school and you just don’t do things like that.

The two dogs, German Shepherds named Shoka and Nala, are with the breeder who sold them to the Gosselins. He has no plans to give them away but it sure looks like they’re not coming back.

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