VIDEO: Jon Gosselin Lawyer Promises To Kill Reality Show During Larry King Interview

In an explosive appearance on Larry King Live, Jon Gosselin’s lawyer promised to kill TLC’s reality show featuring the Gosselin family.

TLC Threaten To Sue Jon Over TV Interviews

When asked by Larry King if Jon was going to prevent the show from continuing, Jon’s Lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said “It’s a done deal.”

Jon Demands TLC Shut Down Reality Show

Heller stated that the TLC contract was “null’ and claimed that TLC bamboozled Jon and his family into signing the contract when they had no legal representation of their own.

Jon Posts Sign Warning TLC To Stay Away From Home

He claimed that the fact that TLC never got permits for either the children to be filmed or for the location and “thus the contract is void” and that it is “detrimental to [Jon’s] family”.

TLC Responds Top Jon Shutting Down Production Of Show

For Jon’s part, he claims he had an “epiphany” one day that the show was harmful for his children and that he wants filming to cease immediately.

Kate Slams Jon Over Reality Show

Jon said that it was his right as a a parent to decide if the show is right for his family. Jon also insisted that it wasn’t about money or about him being dropped from the title of the show, in fact, he insists he was talking to TLC about quitting the show before they made their announcement.

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