Jon Gosselin: The Black Sheep — And Proud Of It

Since his court hearing Monday where he confirmed the return of $180,000 to a bank account shared with estranged wife Kate, Jon Gosselin has been the picture of a good dad and husband. Not only did he do some yard work, he also gave the nanny a break by picking his kids up from school.

PHOTOS: Jon Picks The Kids Up

PHOTOS: Jon Enjoys Quality Time With His Tractor

Gosselin was spotted lugging around the multi-colored backpacks of his sextuplets while also leading his two twin girls to the family’s oversized van. Wearing a t-shirt with the words “Black Sheep” written across, well, a black sheep, Gosselin seemed to be sending out a message while cleaning up his act.

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin “I Don’t Want To Be Alone – The Aloneness Is So Alone”

Kate was in Long Beach, Calif., for a book signing and recently answered viewers questions on a special Jon and Kate Plus 8 special on TLC which is set to air on Monday night. Responding to a question about whether she would ever marry again, she said: “I really don’t want to be married again – can you blame me? But I don’t want to be alone, the aloneness is so alone.”

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