NEW PHOTOS: Jon Picks Up The Twins, Gosselin Birthday Battle Is Underway

So much for putting the brakes on the divorce and establishing a better relationship.

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The public divorce brawl between Jon and Kate Gosselin reached its most acrimonious level on Thursday, the ninth birthday of twins Cara and Mady.

Jon picked up Cara and Mady from the school bus stop and is taking them back to their birthday party.

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Meanwhile, the battle between Jon and Kate is growing worse.

Photographers and TV crews are lined up outside the Gosselin house, hoping to record images of the kids playing in the yard.

PHOTOS: Gosselin Children Crying And Playing In The Garden

The only problem is that Kate has heard Jon is making money off allowing some of the photographers to be there and even tipped them that he would bring the kids into the yard!

And yes, she sees that as a ridiculous departure from his demand that TLC stop filming the kids because he believes it is detrimental to them.

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Now has learned exclusively that earlier today Kate threatened to not let the kids play in the yard – so Jon won’t profit from it!

Read About Kate’s Email To Jon

Jon thinks Kate is just being something that rhymes with witch and trying to deny him access to his kids on their birthday.

Jon Buys Birthday Cake For The Twins

Kate sent Jon an email Wednesday asking him to leave the Wernersville, PA house at 6 p.m. in light of how poorly the couple is getting along. And while she offered him extra time with the kids this weekend Jon was still furious.

The situation is developing…

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