Maria Shriver Breaks More Road Rules

In the words of Mother Superior – “How do you solve a problem like Maria?”

It seems like California’s First Lady just doesn’t get the rules of the road.

Arnold Warns Maria Shriver: “There’s Going To Be Swift Action”

On Sunday, Maria Shriver again flouted the state’s traffic laws, parking in a clearly-marked (and illegal) red zone in Los Angeles, just weeks after she was snapped on multiple occasions (illegally) talking on a cell phone. Pulling into a busy one-way street, Shriver parked her car in the unlawful area for an hour as she headed into a doctor’s office.

Maria Shriver Apologizes For Driving With A Cell Phone

Shriver, arriving back to her vehicle — just weeks after publicly announcing that she donated her cell phone to charity — barely hung up her new cell phone as she turned the key in her ignition.

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