Jon Gosselin’s Lawyer Says Jon Has Taken The High Road!

In rhetoric that would seem more likely to be at the center of a fight between the Gosselin kids, Jon’s lawyer says he released new court papers attacking Kate because Kate started it!

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Actually, he says Kate’s lawyer Mark Momjian started it, by talking to the press. He also says Jon has been taking the high road.

Kate’s Attorney Talks To

Jon filed a counterclaim against Kate last week, accusing her of improperly taking money out of the same fund from which he admits withdrawing $230,000. He makes a host of other claims against Kate, demands she be held in contempt and wants written explanation of what she did with $1 million.

Michael Lohan Defends Jon

But Mark Heller, in a statement to The Insider, says Jon took the high road for five days!

Heller explained his reasoning for releasing the court papers with Jon’s allegations against Kate. Heller says: “Although releasing said legal documents would have served to defend Jon against the accusations of his wife, Jon for these past 5 days has chosen to take the high road by not releasing his Answer and Counterclaim because he did not want to embarrass Kate with the allegations set forth therein and was hopeful that such restraint, to his own detriment, would inspire Kate to privately come to the table with her counsel to resolve all outstanding issues relating to their divorce, through peaceful private negotiation – rather than the contentious litigation that Mr. Momjian seems so willing to instigate and pursue in the Public Eye.

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“Accordingly, in order for Jon’s side to be known and the picture to be complete, we feel we have no choice but to release Jon’s Answer and Counterclaim. We hope that Mr. Momjian will now abide by our request to give no further comments, so that the parties can conciliate all issues through private arbitration.”

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High road or not? You tell us.

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