Jodie Sweetin Admits Snorting Cocaine Before Giving Anti-Drug Speeches

Full House‘s Jodie Sweetin, in her new tell-all book, unSweetined, said she lied about kicking her drug addiction — even while giving speeches at colleges encouraging students to live sober.

Jodie Sweetin Has Cocaine Relapse

Sweetin said in the book that, after a period of clean living, she relapsed but continued on the profitable Just Say No circuit to pay for her vices.

“I was back to partying like I was at my worst, spending seven hundred dollars a week on meth [and] coke,” she wrote in her memoir.

VIDEO: Jodie Sweetin’s Drug OD

She wrote she was surprised she was able to pull off the lying in her altered state.

“I thought for sure that one of the professors (during a speech at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) would take one look at me and kick me out. But none did,” she wrote. “They wanted to hear about the trials and tribulations of Jodie Sweetin, or at least the Jodie Sweetin I had created.”

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