Jay Leno: Other Networks Are Boycotting Me

Are ABC and CBS out to get Jay Leno? The NBC comedian says that rival networks – who are worried that he’s stealing viewers from their costly dramas – are asking their stars to boycott his new primetime talk show.

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“Both CBS and ABC have told their stars they can’t do our show, so that must mean we’re doing well,” Leno remarked Tuesday on his show during a chat with The New Adventures of Old Christine star Julia-Louis Dreyfus.

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Dreyfus is the first CBS actor to appear on his show and no talent from ABC’s primetime lineup have been on since it debuted on Sept. 14.

“Thank you for coming,” Leno told Dreyfus. “I know there was some resistance to you coming here today.”

Dreyfus replied that she had no reservations about appearing on his show considering their long relationship, but that “Yes, there was a little pressure (from CBS) because you’re now on primetime and I’m on a different network.”

Still, Dreyfus took the opportunity to get in a lighthearted plug for her show by revealing a “Watch CBS” sign on her butt and kicking up her heal to show off an Old Christine logo.

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