EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Trick Or Treat! Dancing Stars Reveal Halloween Costumes

Proving Halloween isn’t just for the kids —  RadarOnline.com’s Tina Malave caught up with many of the dancers and celebrities following Monday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars to find out what their Halloween costumes were going to be, and the answers didn’t disappoint.

Pop culture icons of the 80s were in season, as Mya said she was going to go as Prince in all of his Purple Rain splendor, while Lacey Schwimmer said she’s going to be Tom Cruise in his Risky Business get-up.

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Some ideas were original, such as birthday girl Kelly Osbourne’s.

“Me and my fiancée are going to be bacon and eggs this year,” Osbourne, who turns 25 today, said.

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Others lacked, such as Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, who perhaps wanted to relive his good ol’ days on the gridiron by dressing up as a football player, with his gorgeous blond dance partner, Anna Demidova, donning a cheerleader’s outfit.

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Dancing With The Stars airs Monday at 8/7c and Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.

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