EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Larry Birkhead Says It’s “Tough” Discussing Anna Nicole In Court

Larry Birkhead endured a long day of testifying in court Friday, but still managed to find the time at the end of the afternoon for an interview with RadarOnline.com.

Larry Testifies That Anna Nicole Was Hospitalized To Detox While She Was Pregnant

When asked how he felt discussing the death of Anna Nicole Smith, his former lover and mother of his daughter, Dannielynn, Larry told RadarOnline.com that it was “tough”, but that it’s “what you have to do, to get up and tell the truth”.

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Larry said that he couldn’t comment on what he hoped would happen to anyone found guilty, as, “I’m not the judge and jury”, and that he couldn’t discuss it.

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But one thing’s for sure, Larry isn’t looking forward to returning for another turn in court on Monday – telling RadarOnline.com he would “rather be in Cabo”.

Larry lit up when the subject of his darling daughter was raised, saying she is “doing great” and that she is “growing up”. Larry revealed that they haven’t decided on a Halloween costume for her yet though. Better hurry up Larry, it’s only two weeks away!

PHOTO: Larry And Dannielynn Shopping For Pumpkins

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