EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kim Kardashian Says Kourtney “Will Be A Good Mom”

Kim Kardashian seems to have this “aunt thing” down pat.

The reality show diva, who was honored with a Style Siren award star at the 6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards in Los Angeles, CA. on Sunday night, gave RadarOnline.com the latest on her pregnant sister Kourtney on the red carpet.

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The socialite said Kourtney “didn’t even want to find out” the baby’s gender (a boy), until her and sister Khloe, planning a baby shower, pressed her for the news.

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Kim, who’s stocking up on clothes and shoes for the little one, had an encouraging prediction about her sister’s soon-to-be motherhood.

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“I think that Kourtney will be a good mom because she’s very attentive,” Kim said. “It’ll be a good journey.”

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