EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Gosselin Nanny Says Jon Told Her He Stole $100,000 From Kate

Stephanie Santoro had a romantic relationship with Jon Gosselin while she was hired by him to be the children’s nanny, and the two became so close that Jon revealed many intimate secrets to her that he probably wishes now he hadn’t. 

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In an exclusive interview that took place before Jon was ordered by a judge to return $180,000 to an account he shared with Kate, Santoro told RadarOnline.com that Jon told her he had stolen money from his estranged wife.  “He told me that he took $100,000,” Stephanie revealed.  “It was either out of Kate’s account or the kid’s account to open his children’s foundation.”

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Unfortunately for Kate, “She did not know about it,” Stephanie confirmed. 

Describing the time that he told her about the theft, Stephanie said that Jon called her on the phone and told her: “She [Kate] kind of hates me right now, she found out I took $100,000.”

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Jon’s spending habits have seemed out of control lately, buying a car and getting an apartment in New York, but Stephanie told RadarOnline.com that “Jon plays broke to his friends. He said he had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills.”

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Stephanie shared that Jon also allegedly joked, “If all else fails he can always file for alimony form Kate because no matter what TLC is in favor of Kate, she’ll always be making more money than him.”

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So exactly how much money is at stake?  Stephanie said Jon told her they made $75,000 an episode for Jon & Kate Plus 8

“He (Jon) said he would do everything in his power to slow everything down so he could fight Kate for more money and the kids.”

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