EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gives In, Let’s Jon Stay At Birthday Party

Could this be peace in our time?

Nah! But Jon and Kate Gosselin have briefly put aside their differences at their twins’ birthday party, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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Kate had asked Jon, via email, to pick up Cara and Mady from the bus stop at 4 p.m. Thursday, spend a few hours with the girls at the Wernersville, PA home and then vamoose. Jon objected to having his time limited.

The next thing you know a crowd of photographers was gathered at the Gosselin ponderosa on Thursday and Kate was fuming that Jon had tipped some of them off in exchange for $$$$. Yes, there were live stream shots of the backyard, a white fence and trees! But Kate was told that the plan was for Jon to have all the kids come outside to play and he was going to be financially compensated by sellers of the images.

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And yes, the irony was not lost on anyone of Jon profiting off selling his kids’ birthday party while shutting down TLC because he didn’t want the kids filmed.

But with Jon and Kate both in the house and some people expecting the equivalent of a steel cage match, a strange thing happened: peace broke out.

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Not the kind of peace that lasts forever, of course. But peace that allowed Jon to stay well past his 6 p.m. deadline that Kate had previously suggested.

In fact, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively that Jon told the kids: “I have to leave at 6pm it is Mommy’s time.”

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Kate then said: “No Jon, you can stay as long as you like.”

And they lived happily after. Ok, we’re kidding about that part.

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