Dr. Phil’s Advice to Jon and Kate: Stay Together To Make Money!

When Jon and Kate Gosselin turned to Dr. Phil for counseling about their troubled marriage the TV shrink, instead of offering ways to rebuild their bond, advised them to stay married “to keep their brand intact.”

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That shocking charge comes from a new Vanity Fair article on Jon and Kate, an article that portrays both parents in less-than-flattering terms while discussing the public frenzy surrounding their divorce.

The article also confirms a RadarOnline.com exclusive, that the marriage was over more than six months before the couple announced it.

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Vanity Fair says that a source close to Jon revealed Jon wanted to keep the marriage together and asked Kate to go to counseling but she would only agree to see Dr. Phil. They had a private session with him, and the Jon source told the magazine that the good doctor told them to stay together for the sake of their brand! Jon’s reaction? According to the magazine he said: “Are you crazy? I’m here to save my marriage and you’re talking about my brand?”

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RadarOnline.com was the first to report, in an exclusive video interview with Kevin Kreider, Kate’s brother, that the marriage was over long before it was announced publicly. We reported it before there was any public speculation about the marriage being in trouble and although it was denied at the time, it has proven to be correct. Now Vanity Fair has also confirmed that last October Kate told Jon she had outgrown him and no longer wanted to be married. The article also confirms RadarOnline.com’s exclusive that Jon was living in the apartment above the garage.

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The article repeats Jon’s assertions that Kate has had an affair with her bodyguard and neither Jon nor Kate comes out unscathed in the glare of VF’s profile. Kate is quoted as telling two of her handlers to “shut up” when the talk jokingly turns to keeping the paparazzi safe from her, rather than vice versa. Her rise to stardom is described as including a tummy tuck, a trainer and a new hairdo that requires a 90 mile trip (each way) to coif. 

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Jon is described as wearing cubic-zirconia earrings, partying in Las Vegas and making ridiculous comments about hanging out with Sean Combs. His various romantic exploits are also recapped.

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And if anyone has any doubt that this ordeal has weakened Kate, perhaps this one quote will erase that notion: “I don’t cry often,” she says, “and I don’t allow myself to cry often. Crying to me is a waste of energy and a waste of time.”

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