Code Blue: The Elixir To Put Red Bull On Life Support?

Code Blue, a new “recovery” elixir, for the day after , aims to slay Monsters and tame Red Bulls by hydrating, replenishing, detoxifying its drinkers with its innovative formula that is breaking the mold of pick-me-up drinks as we know it.

The caffeine-less, low-calorie (60 per 12 oz. can, to be precise) beverage is specifically made to combat the “horrible hangover” (is there any other kind?) by hydrating, reducing inflammation, and removing toxins. The ingredients that make the concoction tick: electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, D-Ribose, milk thistle, NAC, Pear extract, Agave extract and Sustamine.

Next time you’re in the mood for a boost think blue, and others will be green with envy at the pep in your step.

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