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Breaking News: Sarah Palin’s Husband Todd Quits His Job

Both heads of the Palin household are now without a job. Todd Palin, the husband of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has quit his oil field job on the North Slope a few months after she resigned as governor of Alaska. 

EXCLUSIVE: Why Sarah Resigned As Governor

“Todd Palin resigned his position with BP effective September 18, 2009. He’s one of our employees, we respect their privacy,” the company spokesman Steve Rinehart confirmed to RadarOnlne.com. “He worked for us for many years as a production operator, and he worked up on the North Slope. There are large processing plants on the North Slope that separate oil, water and gas that comes up from the wells and his job was to help run one of those plants.  Typically those jobs are on a location, people rotate on and off, two weeks on and two weeks off.” 

Sarah Auctions Off Dinner Date

Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said Todd hopes to return to his union job and for now is spending time with his family. 

Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s baby Trip, exclusively told RadarOnline.com that Sarah resigned from her position as Governor because of the martial problems she and Todd were having. 

Sarah Fumes at Letterman

State financial disclosures show Todd Palin earned nearly $34,472 working part-time last year for BP and about $51,679 in the family’s commercial fishing business.

Sarah’s book titled Going Rogue: An American Life, will be in stores November 17.