BREAKING NEWS: Jon & Kate Hearing Canceled Wednesday Morning After Judge’s Wife Dies

Kate Gosselin will not get her chance to confront estranged hubby Jon in court Wednesday morning over her claims he withdrew $230,000 in money from their joint savings account, without her permission.

Judge Arthur Tilson canceled today’s hearing after his wife died of cancer early this morning.

A new date for the hearing will be set sometime next week.

As was first to report, Kate filed court papers in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on Monday demanding that Jon sell his two luxury cars and reimburse their joint bank account with the money she claims he stole.

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Kate says Jon wiped out their savings, leaving only $1,000 in the account.  She claims she can’t pay her bills.

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Jon left Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon after a whirlwind media blitz. When asked if he was planning to give the money back, he replied curtly: “I didn’t take it.”

Kate’s attorneys are also asking Jon be held on contempt charges for withdrawing the funds without consenting Kate first — which he was legally required to do per an arbitrator’s ruling when the couple filed for divorce in June.

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