Balloon Boy Figure On Sale Now!

Richard Heene hasn’t gotten that lucrative reality TV show — heck, the guy might be going away for awhile on a maximum security vacation — but the publicity-starved modern-day Mr. Wizard has at least achieved one shard of immortality out of his goofy attempt to become the next Jon Gosselin: an action figure.

Yes, that’s right, HeroBuilders, a company that has made dolls of the Gosselin parents, Sarah Palin and the “Don’t Tase Me Bro” guy, among others, has made a Richard Heene figure.

The $34.95 doll is a movable figurine with many points of articulation — and the requisite, “I’m with stupid” T-shirt.

Batteries — as well as Mylar balloon, Helium tanks, and half of Colorado’s federal agencies — not included.

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