VIDEO: Simon Cowell Says Paula’s Loss Will Hurt, Boyle’s Breakdown Was Scary

Simon Cowell Wednesday told The Early Show he’ll miss working alongside Paula Abdul on American Idol, but ultimately, “You’ve got to respect people’s decisions.”

The media mogul admitted the Forever Your Girl singer’s departure from the top-rated show will take its toll.

“I hate saying this, but Paula’s a star,” he said. “When she came on the show, she was a star, is a star, will always be a star. And then you’ve got to remember that, with all the people [lining] up, they want to be a star on American Idol. You’ve got to sort of try to concentrate on them and not think about yourself, which is difficult.”

Commenting on another singing sensation he has been tied to, Scottish Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle, Cowell said he was very concerned during the I Dreamed A Dreamed singer’s breakdown this past spring, which resulted in a temporary hospitalization.

“Scary,” he said. “I think at the point where [Susan] didn’t win, that she was afraid that everything would be taken away from her. And she was going to go back to that little house … she didn’t want go back to that life.”

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