VIDEO: Friend – “Maybe A Psychopath” Killed Medical Student Annie Le

A friend of Annie Le, the 24-year-old Yale University graduate student/ bride-to-be — whose body police believe they recovered on Sunday, the same day she was slated to be married — said that Le’s killer may be “a psychopath, an antisocial person.”

“I had a very tough time when I looked into the Internet and see what happened, to read it,” Le’s friend, Vanessa Flores, told ABC News of hearing a body was recovered believed to be Le’s from a Yale building. “OK, I felt like the this was the real thing … this was, this, this — it was her. It was very difficult.”

Flores said she thinks Le’s killer is “an antisocial person who got upset over what she wrote in February, about not being safe, and just wanted to prove her wrong,” regarding a piece Le penned for the college’s magazine this past spring about campus safety.

Flores said Le’s fiancé, Columbia University student John Widawsky “was perfect for her,” and very supportive of Le’s dreams.

Authorities in the Connecticut area had been searching for Le since Sept. 8.

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