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Superman Has This Flashlight

Even if you’re not a superhero, you can find quite a few uses for this super-powered Led Lenser. Holding the record for the brightest hand-held LED Light ever produced, the X21 Cannon puts out 1068 Lumens of focusable light, which is enough to light up an large room as if it were daylight, lead a Cub pack down a mountain on a dark, rainy night, or provide security in case of an emergency, say an earth quake. It comes in a convenient case with a solid handle so it’s very portable.

Features include:
Aluminum body
Advanced Focus System; Multi-Optic
One-handed Speed-Focus
Dual output setting switch
Three step Quick-Cycle switch function. Press for maximum light, click for low light, click again for high
Lifetime Guarantee

When my husband laid eyes on it he started making those grunting sounds Tim Allen made in “Home Improvement” so even though I had it tagged for of our state-of-the-art earthquake kit (we live in southern California) he had snatched it up for his “Kit.” It’s already come in handy for breaking down a set at night, when there was  inadequate light from the stage and many other occasions. He says.

Though our earth quake kit will never see it, I know  Kevin’s enjoying owing the biggest new toy and we can always hope it’s in the back of his truck when the Big One strikes.

Available at Lights and Knives For $299.