Stern Was Just Looking Out for Anna Nicole Smith Says Lawyer

Speaking outside of the courthouse shortly after his client Howard K. Stern was arraigned on 11 felony charges, Steve Sadow spoke to reporters to defend his client and claimed the new charges were a shotgun attempt by the prosecution to try and make something stick.

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Stern, Smith’s former attorney and boyfriend, pleaded not guilty to charges he aided and abetted Smith in obtaining controlled substances. On Wednesday, the district attorney’s office amended a May complaint to add more charges.

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Sadow feels he has a strong case on behalf of Stern who he points out is not a doctor and was only trying to look out for somebody that he love. Sadow said Smith was a strong-willed person who made her own calls regarding her choices. He also believes that the Bahamian nannies who said they witnessed psychiatrist Eroshevich and Stern injecting drugs into Smith gave false information and have financial motivations after they were fired.

Stern left court without commenting.

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