Real Housewives of Swingtown

The Real Housewives of any city are usually doing the most scandalous thing you can imagine and today wasn’t any different. 

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Gretchen Rossi, a real housewife from Orange County was having lunch with NeNe, a real housewife from Atlanta, when they decided to get a little frisky with each other! The two ladies locked lips for the photographers while lunching, and it didn’t stop there. 

See pictures of Gretchen while she prepares for a garage sale of her belongings from her late husband

Gretchen’s boy friend Slade pretended to kiss NeNe and comically wiped his mouth after the faux smooch. 

NeNe told that she and Kim Zolciak will never be friends

We think their real life is pretty funny when they ham it up for the cameras.

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