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Pink Slams Kanye – Again!

After taking to Twitter Sunday to rage against Kanye West calling him “the biggest piece of s**t on Earth” Pink carried on her tirade on the Today Show Monday morning.

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In a more family appropriate manner P!nk told Matt Lauer that she wishes she had won as she had an “Alexander McQueen bag with studs on it” to bash the rapper with!

She also said that, “Taylor is awesome, she deserved her moment, that guy is a …” Where Matt abruptly cut her off to prevent any X rated moments on the morning show.

Before performing her new single Don’t Leave Me P!nk finished off slamming Kanye by calling him an “idiot” a “waste” and a “toolbox”. Then went on to say, “He’s getting exactly what he wants, people are talking about him.”

Don’t hold anything back Pink!