Official Emmy Cocktail: Guzzle Responsibly

Just because you’re not actually AT The Emmys, sitting beside Heidi Klum or Hugh Jackman, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the official Emmy cocktail.

To celebrate this years Emmy’s, GREY GOOSE will serve “The Emmy,” a specialty cocktail that will only be served at the sponsored events such as the ritzy Governor’s Ball.

For those of us stuck at home, here’s the secret recipe!


“The Emmy”
1 ½ parts GREY GOOSE® L’Orange flavored vodka ½ part Licor 43
1 ½ parts fresh orange juice with pulp
Splash of grenadine
Green grapes for garnish

Pour all ingredients into shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini cocktail glass, garnish with three green grapes on a skewer


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