NEW PHOTOS: Police Continue To Dig Up Jaycee Dugard Crime Scene

Police collected a bone fragment from the home of Jaycee Dugard‘s accused kidnappers Phil and Nancy Garrido on Wednesday and has exclusive new photos of the crime scene.

Click here to see new photos of the Jaycee Dugard crime scene.

Garrido’s house is still being combed by authorities in connection with the Dugard kidnapping and police are also looking for a link to two other young girls that disappeared in the area around the same time Dugard was taken. The other cases cops are investigating are those of Michaela Garecht, a Hayward, California girl who was 9-years-old when she went missing in Nov. 1998; and Ilene Misheloff, a Dublin, California girl who was 13-years-old when she went missing in 1989.

In the new photos of the Garrido house you can see the massive excavation project as police eliminated a carport, a shed brush, trash and other debris on the property. Once the sites have been combed thoroughly, authorities will deploy dogs and high-tech search tools to find any more evidence on the property of the accused pedophile/kidnapper Garrido.

Check out more photos of the crime scene here.

Jaycee was snatched at age 11 and spent 18 years in captivity atb Garrido’s house. The alleged sexual abuse by Garrido began almost immediately, and she subsequently gave birth to two babies in the backyard prison. Both Garrido and his wife, Nancy Garrido, are in custody on kidnapping charges.

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