New iTalk App: The Good Stuff At The Right Price

A pair of new iTalk applications for the iPhone and iPod touch — iTalk Premium and iTalk Lite — will make your technical life that much easier and efficient. (If you are lucky enough to own the new 3G S you can stop reading right now.)

The iTalk Premium has a bevy of features integral to one’s business and social networking in this day and age of real-time everything: a clean interface, enhanced e-mail capabilities, three quality settings, one-touch recording, simplified navigation and improve memory usage. Best

iTalk Premium is on sale for a limited time at a price of $1.99, while iTalk Lite is free; both are available via the iTunes App store.

Griffin Technology, based out of, appropriately Music City (that’s Nashville to you and I) is amongst the leader in their industry for iPhone, iPod, Mac and PC accessories.

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