Kate Gosselin’s Fakebook Page

Apparently, Hailey Glassman isn’t the only one with a fake Facebook page (should we just call it “Fakebook”?)

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Now, fans of Kate Gosselin’s have been fooled by a Facebook account supposedly belonging to “Kate Kreider-Gosselin.”

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On the page, the bogus Kate proclaims, “With ratings falling, this might be the last season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I’m not sure yet.”

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With over 900 comments since the fake Kate allegedly put that comment up — do they verify Facebook pages like Twitter accounts? — the news of the possible last season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 has brought varying reaction from fans:

“That makes me sad,” writes Cindy in response to Kate’s update. “I will miss the little ones. I hope once in a while we will get an update on how everyone is doing as they grow up.”

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Many posters offer the advice of changing the show to Kate Plus 8, while others advise Kate to stay home and be with the kids and stop traveling.

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A friend of Kate’s tells RadarOnline.com, “Its fake. She doesn’t have [a Facebook page]. She has nothing like that.”

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