VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Sticks Up For Dr Phil After Jon’s Attack

On her second consecutive day as guest co-host for The View, Kate Gosselin took an opportunity to defend Dr. Phil McGraw against unflattering charges from her estranged husband Jon Gosselin.

“I do not support that comment Jon made about Dr. Phil. I don’t feel that way. I walked away with much wisdom and walked away with much respect,” Kate said in an panel interview with the TV shrink.

The comment in question came from Jon’s ABC News interview last week, where he imparted that the couple’s meeting with Dr. Phil was useless.

“I felt it was weird. I was like, ‘Why am I here? I could be snowboarding.’ It wasn’t helping,” Jon said of the three meeting.

Click here for more of Jon’s ABC Interview, where he says he “despises” Kate.

Earlier, during the Hot Topics segment of the female chat show, Barbara Walters broached the subject of Kate’s on-and-off wedding ring.

“I said I would continue to wear it. It’s for the kids. I told the kids, ‘Mommy is not gonna wear this ring very much longer. Because Mommy and Daddy are not gonna be married for very much longer.'”

Click here for highlights from Kate’s first day on The View.

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