Jon & Kate Ratings Continue to Drop

Here’s another reason to support family values: Happy marriage = high ratings.

Jon takes the twins to Starbucks

Jon and Kate Gosselin, once the reality show poster couple for the all-American family, are in danger of succumbing to — gasp! — low ratings. Since announcing their plans to divorce, the pair’s reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, has consistently dropped in viewers. And on Monday, the show hit its all-time low, attracting just 1.714 million viewers.

Video: John Loves Being A Dad

To put it in perspective, when the reality show returned for a one-hour special on June 22 following the Gosselins announcement that they were separating, 10.6 million people tuned in to watch. That’s an 84 percent plunge in viewership. And the drop has been consistent. Since August 3, the show has lost 62 percent of viewers. According to, 4.2 million people watched Jon & Kate Pus 8 on August 3. On Aug. 10, 3.4 million tuned in. 3 million watched on Aug. 17, and this last Monday, the show got just 1.714 million viewers.

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